Smile. It`s that simple.

This whole journey i want to compare with the restless sea of emotions. When you finally think that the sea is calm, a huge wave splashes all over you. And there you are, standing all wet, shocked and don`t know what to think. It was like that yesterday.

We woke up, ate breakfast, everybody seemed tired, but happy. Our first destination was Faro island. Where we met Kerstin. Even just looking at her made me feel warmth. Johan told me that there is a word in Swedish that describes people like that and it means “Soul fire” – and then i thought if we have the same word in Latvian. I could not think of any, at least nothing as beautiful and poetic. But she really was like that – her soul and every cell was burning for this one great aim – to help and share and give.

Kerstine talked about the Baltic refugees and the amazing work that shes done. I always feel truly happy when i meet people like that and i have deepest respect for them. This selfless act of caring and helping is a needed trait in these days. And it`s also an inspiration for me (and i hope for everyone else) to look at the world a bit differently. To see that there is so much more in the world. And you don`t have to be rich to help, even a smile can mean so much to someone. And that`s so simple.

So my message after yesterdays experiences would be – smile, to you it might seem little, but to someone it could mean the world.